Do we have to worry about our freedom?

What do you think:

  • Freedom and democracy mean to me…
  • My freedom reaches its limits when…
  • I am (not) worried about my freedom because…
  • What scares me is…

Your opinion:

  • Should everyone have the same rights? Why (not)?
  • What can guarantee our freedom and democracy?
  • Concerning freedom and democracy, which role does the judiciary play?
  • What’s the role of the police?
  • Which role do I play?

Mail What would you answer? Send your opinion as text, audio or video file. We’ll take it up. View our blog, the dialogue.

free - Perspectives on Freedom

This is the name of a dialogue process we want to start with you. Small gold fields between court and prison triggered us. First perspectives can be found in our book.

There eleven well-known authors from 17 to 64 explore freedom from their personal or professional point of view. Seven exciting people reveal their personal stories and what freedom means to them.

Documentary art photographs from the installation free by Winfried Muthesius in Moabit Criminal Court inspire personal reflections on freedom.

Very Personal Stories

  • Everyone has his story: For example, two female judges who have to deal with serious crimes share their experiences with us. What about your story?
  • Paramedic Ronny talks about his incidents at the Moabit Criminal Court and why he feels free and loves his work so much. What do you need to be free?
  • A gold cutter confesses that she never wanted to learn her profession and to what pressure she was exposed. When do you feel unfree and trapped?
  • Court reporter Uta Eisenhardt processes her experiences in books that have already become movies. How do you process what is important to you?
  • Mrs. Konal, a cleaner, has a secret recipe that enables her to get along with people. How about you?
  • Court Constable Dexheimer is one important part for bringing justice. What did you do, whom did you help in the interest of fairness or justice? Tell us: Mail


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