Young. And free?

Julia Hackober about millenials and free

Young. And free?

Julia Hackober writes:

“What does freedom mean to us? To me, at least, more than the question of whether you have to wear a mouth-nose protection in the supermarket for a while. It is a coincidence that the essay book free - perspectives on freedom was published this year, but the topic is of course very relevant right now. And I am very happy that I was able to contribute to this project!

That’s what free is about: Editor Pia Beckmann was inspired by the installation of the same name by artist Winfried Muthesius in Berlin’s Criminal Court and Moabit Prison. Muthesius installed over a hundred golden tiles, the so-called golden fields, in 2019 in this special place where one inevitably reflects on one’s own concept of freedom. In the book accompanying the installation, authors between the ages of 17 and 64 now approach their perspective on freedom. It is about art, protest, the limits of freedom.

In my essay, I write about the freedom of the Millennial generation, which grew up after the fall of communism and came to know personal freedom as a matter of course - and now has to realize that the many possibilities of individual life planning are somehow not so self-evident after all. I have compiled more information about the book for you on my website. I think the volume is also very suitable as a Christmas gift (and for all age groups!)”

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